Day 27

Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I had the day off. Here’s a run-down of my day:

  1. Therapist session at 8:15 AM
  2. Swim at 10.
  3. Lunch at 11:30
  4. Leave lunch at 2:00…
  5. Get dog food
  6. Drive back to downtown where I live (50 minutes)
  7. REalize that was a waste because I now need to turn right around and go straight to Physical Therapy on my hand (50 minutes)
  8. Arrive sort of on time for my PT (3:45 PM) and see my surgeon and my progress is okay, but my finger tip might never bend – but my therapist is pretty positive.
  9. Walk to rehearsal for chorus at 6:50, nearly freeze.
  10. Get home, move my car from the street to the lot, get stuck in snow in lot, and get kind assistance from the neighbor.
  11. Finally get = inside at 11 PM

Over it.

Day 24

My normal mechanisms of keeping myself distant, I’m making the active choice of rejecting, and embracing this whole thing, and in doing so, I’m finding myself rather confused emotionally, and apparently, easily reactive by miscommunications on topics that would normally low-key trigger me, but this was much more High-Key…

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Day 23

BROASTIE DRINKS!!! I’m hanging out with my broastie tonight for dinner, catch up, and hanging out! We’ve been friends for seven damn years. He’s the worst person I’ve ever met, and I’m glad we’re friends!

Day 22

Wednesday… where Noor and I learn that our favorite coffee shop only has a couple more days left. She learned all about why the owner wanted to sell the place. He’s more interested in real estate, someone bought his liquor license, and was buying out his lease. Well, that makes it pretty cut and dry.